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Pete Carroll believes Russell Wilson is trying too hard to create opportunities during Seattle's winless start and in the process is making the kinds of fourth-quarter mistakes that have largely been absent during his career."I'm finding Russ over-trying a little bit ," Carroll said during his radio show on KIRO-AM in Seattle on Tuesday, a day after the Seahawks dropped to 0-2 with a 24-17 loss at Chicago. "He's pressing in difficult situations to try and see if he can come up with a way to make something happen instead of just getting rid of the football."The latest example came in front of a national audience Monday night. With a chance to lead a potential late comeback against the Bears, Wilson threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown. He fumbled on Seattle's next drive while trying to escape pressure. They were the kinds of costly mistakes Wilson has mostly avoided in the past.Wilson's final numbers in the fourth quarter against the Bears looked great — 13 of 16 for 157 yards, two touchdowns and two of the incompletions being spikes to stop the clock — but it was completely overshadowed by the mistakes."We've had a lot of fourth-quarter comebacks and I believe those are going to happen. I believe those are going to happen when we need them to happen," Wilson said afterward. "We've been successful a lot and I've been successful a lot in the fourth quarters and everything else. You have some failure every once in a while, but I believe the next time is going to be successful and I think that's the mentality."It would help Wilson if Seattle's offense could do anything in the first three quarters to reduce the late-game pressure and urgency.Wilson was sacked five times in the first half by the Bears, a few of those after he didn't get rid of the ball soon enough. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer also had some questionable play calling in the third quarter when the Seahawks ran just six plays, had zero first downs and gained one yard total.There was also the baffling disappearance of running back Chris Carson from the offense. Carson didn't have a carry in the second half after averaging 4 yards per carry on six attempts in the first half. The running load went to rookie Rashaad Penny in the second half as Carson watched from the sideline.Carroll initially said after the game that Carson was "a little gassed" after also helping out on special teams. Carson was in for just 21 total plays — 19 on offense, two on special teams. Carroll attempted to clarify the situation Tuesday."I misread a little bit of something happening. I was off on the thing I said about Chris. ... I thought that was what happened and I misread him on the sideline a little bit," Carroll said. "I didn't clearly understand. I just wanted to give Rashaad a chance to go play and Chris never gets back in the game."The Seahawks are now 1-5 in their past six regular-season games dating to last season, the only win coming against this week's opponent, Dallas , in Week 16 of last season. Seattle at least has that going for it, along with some optimism over healing injuries.The Seahawks are hoping to get linebackers Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright back this week against the Cowboys. Wagner was out with a groin injury and Wright still hasn't fully recovered from preseason knee surgery. They were two of three defensive starters the Seahawks were missing, including rookie cornerback Tre Flowers, who has a shot at returning against Dallas as well.But aside from getting a minimal pass rush, the defensive effort wasn't the problem against Chicago.Wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who could help the offense, sounds unlikely to be ready for Week 3 due to a knee injury.There is also uncertainty about center Justin Britt, who injured his shoulder trying to recover Wilson's fumble in the fourth quarter. X-rays were negative, Carroll said, but Britt was having an MRI to determine the extent of the damage.Bears-Packers: Rivalry renewed? It’s no secret that the Packers have had the Bears number for years now.Last season, the Bears lost their lead in the all-time series to the Packers for the first time since 1933. The Bears have won just three games in their last 16 meetings and haven’t swept the season series since *gulp* 2007!That’s a lot of history going against the Bears. I know that I’ve stopped trash talking Packers’ fans because, what’s the point? When a rivalry is one-sided Cheap Leonard Floyd Jersey , I have nothing to stand on, other than that one Thanksgiving game, but that was nearly three years ago.But the Bears have renewed hope, as my colleague Jack wrote about last November.Granted, that game didn’t go as we wanted (no really, we did lose to Brett Hundley), there is still an aura of new hope in the rivalry. In fact, dare I say that there hasn’t been this much hope for the future since Lovie Smith and second-year Rex Grossman went to Green Bay in September of 2004 and won?It seems that way. The Bears still have a long way to go, no one is counting their proverbial eggs, but there’s real promise here with a young roster, exciting coach and the possibilities of several play-makers breaking out.This week though, it appears that maybe some players have stepped up the rivalry: or is the media making too much of it?On Wednesday , during the normal media rounds made by players, Bears DE Akiem Hicks and Packers DB Kevin King made some comments that garnered headlines. I’ll let you be the judge of if it’s trash talk or just journalists fishing for a story line.Hicks (via the Chicago Sun-Times):Big words, but then again, who has successfully blocked Mack, especially one-on-one? Still though, it ruffled some feathers.Then came word from Packers availability from last year’s first round pick Kevin King, asked to give a scouting report on Bears QB Mitch Trubisky:Was this a shot at Trubisky? Or was King being serious because there is only 12 games of film on Trubisky from last year in an offense that didn’t ask him to do that much, and then this vanilla preseason?Personally, I didn’t see any problem with either comment because there is some truth to them both: Mack is very hard to block and Trubisky is very much an unknown.The next step is to actually turn the hope and the talent that the Bears have into competitive games against the Packers and turn the common Ls into Ws.Will that start Sunday?
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