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The year is now 2018. NHL teams have been planning for the long-term success of their franchises for years now. All teams have their runs of glory Ravens Game Jerseys , but then have to get back to the drawing board to figure out what the best strategy is to getting back to serious playoff contention.

Sometimes, teams use trades to try to strengthen their teams to put themselves in a better position to contend. Some teams even go out and sign a big name free agent. Look at a guy like Scott Stevens signing with the New Jersey Devils and it turned out to be one of the best signings in NHL history. Some teams however like to build their team up via the draft. But some teams have draft picks that are complete busts.

Teams today use their draft picks to try to build toward a successful future. Some draft picks such as Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid have worked out well from the 2015 draft. Some in the 2014 draft have worked out like Leon Draisaitl and Aaron Ekblad. But some other picks from those two drafts have not flourished like the teams that drafted them had hoped. Hockey players can take longer to develop than other sports, with some picks not making an impact in the NHL until their mid 20s. These players just don't look that promising a few years in, but they may very well avoid the bust label in future years. So let's take a look back at 10 picks from the 2014 NHL Draft who already look like busts and 5 from the 2015 NHL Draft as well.

Plenty of coaches have tried to pull it off over the years Authentic Dougie Hamilton Jersey , and none have succeeded. But that’s not deterring Jets coach Todd Bowles.

In Monday comments to the media, Bowles made it clear that he hopes to conceal his Week One starter until the start of his team’s Week One game against the Lions in Detroit.

The topic came up when Bowles was asked whether it’s realistic for rookie Sam Darnold to leapfrog Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater within the next month.

“You got to play preseason games,” Bowles said. “I’m not into hypotheticals and nothing that hasn’t happened yet but we are going to let him play, then after the fourth preseason [game] Womens Kareem Hunt Jersey , some time that week I’ll make my decision and go from there.”

Pressed for more on that point, Bowles said this: “I’m not pinpointing any decision [when] the guy runs out on the field [Monday night] in Week One, you’ll see who the starter is.”

While Bowles surely would prefer that the Lions not know who the Week One starter will be until the offense trots onto the field for the first drive of the game, it’s simply not realistic. Once the Jets begin their practice sessions in advance of the Monday night opener J'Mon Moore Jersey , someone will be getting the first-team reps and, inevitably, someone who participates in or witnesses the practice will tell someone about it. Which means the rest of us will know, too.

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